The Central Florida Zoo is your community’s Zoo. We are dedicated to educating our community about living with wildlife, especially the Florida black bear.

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, located in Sanford FL, is right in the heart of black bear country. The Zoo wants to educate YOU on how to coexist peacefully with the Florida black bear. As both black bear and human population numbers rise, there has never been a more urgent time for community awareness and education on Florida’s largest land mammal.

The Zoo is home to two black bear siblings that were confiscated from Georgia in 2014, and were unable to be released back into the wild because they had become accustomed to people. They will now be a vital part of the Zoo’s Florida black bear education program.

In April 2016, the Central Florida Zoo broke ground on a brand new habitat for these bears, which is going to be both educational and enriching for both of our guests and the animals. Guests will be able to observe the bears while learning ways to limit interactions between humans and bears in their neighborhoods.

Central Florida FoundationIn addition to the new, education focused black bear habitat, the Central Florida Zoo is proud to offer FREE black bear awareness presentations made possible through funding from the Central Florida Foundation. These presentations are great for community groups like Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, as well as homeowner’s associations, and more. The Zoo also presents throughout the year at public libraries throughout Seminole, Orange, and Volusia counties. If you are interested in scheduling a black bear awareness presentation for your group please call Stephannie Allen at 407.323.4450 ext. 105. Thank you very much to the Central Florida Foundation for their support of our black bear education initiatives.